Lead me: Psalm 143:10

You are my God. Show me what you want me to do, and let your gentle Spirit lead me in the right path.

Psalm 143:10 CEV

You are my God, you hear me, You comfort me, You lead me in the right path. When we feel confused, overwhelmed, or lost, God is waiting to help us and direct us. God is for us He is good, He loves us, and His gentle Spirit will teach us and guide us through trying times. Let our hearts and minds be open to God’s direction. Lord lead me, show me what you want me to do.

Where do you need to pause and ask God’s for direction, to let His gentle Spirit lead you?

Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, you are our God, our strength, and protector. We thank you for your love, forgiveness, and guidance. Teach us to let your gentle Spirit lead us on the right path. Like the flowering almond lifts it delicate flowers toward the Sun, let us lift our faces toward Jesus Your Son and our Light. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen

10 thoughts on “Lead me: Psalm 143:10

  1. It’s important to be lead by the Spirit. There is so much deception out there. Staying close to Jesus will keep us grounded and on the right path. Thanks Jeanne! πŸ’•

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  2. Amen! I always need His direction. I live in the state of confusion. Lol… I was wondering what that flower was! The flowering almond…It’s lovely. And so is your post. 😊

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    1. Hi Tina, The flowering almond actually is a shrub, a favorite one of mine, the blooms are small and kinda look like pink popcorn. I do try to listen and let God lead me along the right path. Have a blessed weekend! 🌼🌺

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