Growth: Psalm 47:1 (Decade tag)

Clap your hands, all you nations.
    Shout to God with cries of joy.

Psalm 47:1

Thanks to Matt at for tagging me for the decade tag. The tag is a look back at what the Lord has done in my life the past ten years. I am going to look back at my spiritual journey, my spiritual awakening.

Growing up, Sundays always included church and Sunday school. Then things started distracting me worldly things like pride, my things, me first, my schedule.

Happily, this decade God became my focus, my joy, and my path. People with kind words and caring hearts helped me find His way. My church community opened my eyes to opportunities to learn and grow.

Pastor Kay, my mentor, and friend and prayer warrior taught me many ways to pray and opened the door to healing prayer. All my fellow healing prayer warriors who accepted my quiet listening for years, until faith allowed me to step out of my fear and insecurity and reach out to others in healing prayer. Life-changing for me. As my Spiritual Director, Pastor Kay encouraged me to take my flower photographs to tie them with scripture to share them. The push needed to start this blog in June to share His word and joy.

Fran, another friend, encouraged me and showed me ways to be God’s hands and feet. Her guidance has opened my eyes and heart to local needs through the church’s soup kitchen. She also directed me into church-based fundraising projects and other local opportunities to spread God’s love.

This decade I have grown in faith found that I could escape my shyness with God at my side, that I could encourage others by Listening, Praying, and Loving.

I am leaving this tag opened ended for anyone who wants to look back and write about the changes the Lord has made in their lives, just leave a comment on this post.

Rules: To play along: 1- Please share a link to the creator of the tag- 2- Share some highlights for you over the past decade and if you want a few low points 3- Tag whoever you wish to. 4- Ask them some questions 5- Use any picture appropriate for such a tag. (As usual, I didn’t follow all the rules, sorry Matt.)

My question: Where have you seen God in the past decade?

Remember this new year to shout to God with cries of joy!

God Bless!

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