Shield of God: Psalm 84:11

Calibrachoa “million bells” and Petunias brighten a summer day

11 The Lord God is like the sun that gives us light.
    He is like a shield that keeps us safe.
    The Lord blesses us with favor and honor.
He doesn’t hold back anything good
    from those whose lives are without blame.

Psalm 84:11 (NIRV)

God is like a shield He keeps us safe. He honors us and blesses us with His favor. He is Our Father He loves us with unconditional love, and He takes care of us. We just need to believe in God and have faith. To reject evil and do good. It is the deal of a lifetime for it leads to His kingdom. We are blessed!

Have you embraced God’s shield of faith?

Prayer: Our Lord, our light, our salvation, our shield from worldly problems, we give you thanks. We rejoice and raise joyful praise to You like the joyfully colored “million bells” and petunias reflect the sun. God, we are blessed by your favor, care, and shield of protection. Teach us to live righteously. In Jesus’ name. Amen