My Light: Psalm 27:1

Illuminate Me:

Dear Lord, Thank you for being my light and my salvation. Let your light illuminate my path. Let my faith shine before others like the sunlit petals of the daisy. Open my heart like a blossom and show me the way. In Jesus name. Amen

2 thoughts on “My Light: Psalm 27:1

  1. Good morning Sonshine! I love your blogs but I cant figure out how to join? Ive tried but with my lack-of-tech-mind-brain-defaault-reboot-ish-ness:))) I havent’ been successful:)) Ill bring my iPad to the gathering if youlll be there, or I will ask Grant or Cathy,etc. No worries. I would like to join though:))

    Hugs.❤️ Shalom. 🔥Kathy🎶💃🎶



  2. Greetings Kathy, On the right side of the page it says Follow Blog via Email. However on cell phones and tablets the Follow Blog via Email drops down to the bottom of the page. If you page down you should find it. Then just enter your email and you will then receive a confirmation email open it and click confirm. Hope this helps! Great hearing from you! Blessings! Jeanne


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