Peace like a River: Isaiah 48:18

18 I wish you would pay attention to my commands.
    If you did, peace would flow over you like a river.   

Isaiah 48:18a New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)

The phrase peace like a river has been on my thoughts lately. The quiet, comforting peace that sitting beside a flowing river can bring. A quiet focus being still and listening for God’s whisper. God provides this peace like a river when we do His will. We need to trust and obey God, Our Father. Then our hearts and minds can receive a peace that transcends all understanding through His son, Jesus Christ (Phil. 4:7).

God can help when you are anxious and depressed. Jesus can center us with a peace that transcends understanding. Where is peace like a river missing in your life?

Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for the joy and peace that You bring in our lives. Help us to rest and be still and follow Your will. Like the colorful Crocus, are harbingers of Spring let us be followers of Your Word and let Your peace flow over us like a river. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen

Crocus blossoms

14 thoughts on “Peace like a River: Isaiah 48:18

  1. I love how you did the picture for this one! And great verse! It sort of goes with the end of my post about rest. We have to pay attention and do to what Scripture says to find that rest for our souls. ☺ Lovely post, Jeanne.

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  2. You are so right we will get this peace from God when we do His will. No matter the trouble that is going on once we have this kind of peace everything will seem to be at ease. It is only God Himself can do that for us. This cannot be self-taught or formulate. Christ presence makes te difference.

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  3. God is awesome and want to handle all our worries. He wants us to flourish and reflect His goodness. Our worrying and stress is an opposition to His faithfulness. It may be easy to talk or write I think maybe because it is ingrained in our mind to worry or overthink things.

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