Future: Psalm 37:5

3Trust in the Lord and do what is right! Settle in the land and maintain your integrity!

4Then you will take delight in the Lord, and he will answer your prayers.

5Commit your future to the LORD! Trust in him, and he will act on your behalf.

Psalm 37:3-5 (NET)

Psalm 37; considered a wisdom psalm, sharing practical advice about how to live. It was written by David, in his older years. He advises us to trust in the Lord, take delight in the Lord, and commit our future to the Lord. To commit our future is an act of will, an act of faith; it is to believe in the Lord and follow His way, and to make His way our way. Letting God guide our steps, commit our future, letting go of trusting our abilities, and being patient; rest, trust, and lay our worries and burdens on Him.

Have you committed your future to the Lord?

Prayer; Our Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your love and care for us. Let us grow in faith, open our hearts, trust in You, and commit our future to you. Lord, teach us to go to you in prayer, with our worries and concerns, and to put our trust in You. Like the camellia buds open to beautiful flowers every year, let us open our hearts and trust in You always. In Jesus’ holy name. Amen

I believe in the power of prayer and would be glad to pray for you. Leave a comment or message me on the contact page.  🌺

17 thoughts on “Future: Psalm 37:5

  1. Committing our future to the Lord is indeed an act of will. Easier said than done, but we have to be intentional with it every day. May God help us trust Him with what lies ahead.
    Blessings Jeanne 💙

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    1. Hi Manu, I agree we have to intentionally follow God’s way and learn to make it our way. I am working daily on giving my worries to God and walking in faith. It is always great to hear from you! Have a wonderful week! Blessings! 💗🌟🌺

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  2. Psalm 37 is my favorite Psalm. When we commit our future to the Lord, everything will work out. No need for us to worry. Have a blessed day Jeanne. ☀️💕

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    1. Dawn, it is a great psalm; verses 4 and 5 are favorites of mine. I love the phrases; delight in the Lord, trust the Lord, commit your future to the Lord and he will answer your prayers and act on your behalf. It great to hear from you! Have a wonderful and blessed week!

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  3. Praise the lord! I love the word integrity. If the lord slain me yet I will not leave that trust I kept in my lord and also I will not leave integrity. The lord will test us in many ways if we are standing strong and facing the problems that devil gave to us. And in that time we should not make sin in our lips. Liked very much your post. Yeah! Sure my friend I committed my future to the lord. Hoping you have a blessed day friend. Sending hugs. 🤗😊😊 Amen!

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    1. Yes, we need to put our trust; in the Lord; and follow His way, knowing that He has plans to prosper us, not to harm us. Plans to give us hope and a future. It is good to hear from you Sonia my friend! Blessings! 🌷💗🌺

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  4. I love this post Jeanne. It reminds me of “She laughs without fear of the future.” Commiting our future to God is a very peaceful and comforting thought. Who better to hold our future than the Lord. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Love and blessings. 💗🦋🌹🌳

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    1. Tina, I like your quote: She laughs without fear of the future; then I added because her trust is in the Lord. Yes, delight in the Lord and commit our future to Him; what wonderful advice. It is always good to hear from you!! Love and blessings, my friend!💗🌼✨🌺


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