God filled life: Titus 2:11-14

11-14 God’s readiness to give and forgive is now public. Salvation’s available for everyone! We’re being shown how to turn our backs on a godless, indulgent life, and how to take on a God-filled, God-honoring life. This new life is starting right now, and is whetting our appetites for the glorious day when our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, appears. He offered himself as a sacrifice to free us from a dark, rebellious life into this good, pure life, making us a people he can be proud of, energetic in goodness.

Titus 2:11-14 (MSG)

Salvation is available to everyone through the grace of God. Christ Jesus died for our sins; His sacrifice freed us from darkness and brought us into the light. The light of Jesus a shining, illuminating life, freeing us from our dark, sinful world. He transforms our life, bringing peace, hope, and direction. He opens our hearts to love and teaches us to turn our back on a godless, indulgent life, to lead a God-filled, God-honoring life. A life that reflects the life of Jesus; be self-controlled, upright, godly, and doing good works. A God-filled, God-centered life while expectantly awaiting the glorious return of Jesus.

Through God’s forgiveness and grace in Jesus, salvation is available to everyone. Is your life God-filled and God-directed?

Prayer; Our Heavenly Father, we are in awe of your grace, forgiveness, and love. You have made salvation available to all who believe in Your Son, Jesus. We thank you for Jesus, who has brought love and light into our world. Teach us to let go of worldly things and live a joyful, God-filled life. Like the allium flowers are gathered together, open to the sunlight, let us gather together, open to and transmitting the light of Jesus. Amen


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7 thoughts on “God filled life: Titus 2:11-14

  1. I am thankful for God’s patience with me as I learn to lead a godly life. By His grace, I have come along ways. I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow. However, I am thankful for His forgiveness when I sin and fall short. Thanks Jeanne for this message. Hope you are having an enjoyable week. 🤗🌷

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    1. I am very thankful for God’s patience and forgiveness. I do try to let go of worldly things and am learning to be God-directed and God-filled. Dawn, it is always good to hear from you! Have a wonderful week! 💖🌼✨🌺

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  2. A very beautiful and Godfilled post. May we open and keep our hearts open to the Lord and live our Godfilled lives out loud with praise for the wonderful things He has done and is doing. 🙂 I hope you’re having a restful Sunday. Blessings and cyber hugs to you. 💕🌳🌼⚘

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    1. Hi Tina, thank you! Yes, it has been a joyful and restful Sunday. It is always great to hear from you! Have a wonderful week! Blessings! 💗💐🎈🌺


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