Lord, You are Good: Psalm 139:1-6

1 O Lord, you have examined my heart
and know everything about me.
2 You know when I sit down or stand up.
You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.
3 You see me when I travel
and when I rest at home.
You know everything I do.
4 You know what I am going to say
even before I say it, Lord.
5 You go before me and follow me.
You place your hand of blessing on my head.
6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too great for me to understand! Psalm 139:1-6 (NLT)

Lord, you know me, you have examined my heart, you know my thoughts, you know everything I do. You love me with unconditional love; you stand beside me and guide me. You place your hand of blessing on my head and forgive me. Lord, You are good. Your greatness God touches my life; you care about me and direct me on Your path. Through You, I understand who and whose I am. Lord, You created us, know us, bless us, are with us, and care for us. Lord, we are in awe of You, Your power, divine knowledge, and wisdom. Our purpose is to glorify You, Lord, in all we do.

Lord, You are great, Lord, You are good, Lord, You are all-knowing. Do you take time to reach out and let the greatness of God touch and direct your life?

Prayer; Lord, You are our Heavenly Father; You know us and love us. We thank you for Your forgiveness, love, grace, and mercy. Lord, You are good. We worship You with awe and reverence. We praise Your Holy name. We revere Your patience, Your blessing, and Your guidance. Like the beauty of the three, lily blossoms brighten days; let us dwell in the beauty and glory of our three in one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all our days. Amen

I discovered this heartfelt song Lord, You are Good by Todd Galberth and wanted to share it with you.

God is open to and listens to our prayers. If you need prayer, I will be glad to pray for you. Leave a comment or message me on the contact page. 🌺

7 thoughts on “Lord, You are Good: Psalm 139:1-6

    1. Hi Dawn. I agree God is good! We can rely on Him; He created us, loves us, is with us always! It is great to hear from you! Have a happy and blessed week! 💗🌼🌺

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    1. It is a new song for me also, true and heartfelt. Yes, our Lord is good, great, loving, compassionate, and listens to our prayers. It is always good to hear from you! Have a wonderful week, Manu! 💗🌼🌺

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