May the Lord be Praised-Psalm 40:16

May all those who seek you be happy and rejoice in you! May those who love to experience your deliverance say continually, “May the LORD be praised!”

Psalm 40:16 (NET)

May all who seek the Lord rejoice and be glad, be happy, and praise You. God’s love, promises, and truth bring joy and are reasons to celebrate. David wanted people to focus on the goodness of the Lord and rejoice.
Different versions have different worded rejoices; may the Lord be praised, may the Lord be magnified, and let the Lord be exalted, all praising the Lord for all He has done for us.

Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; Let those who love Your salvation say continually, β€œThe LORD be magnified!”

Psalm 40:16 (AMP)

Thanks to our God of all mercies, comfort, and salvation. May the Lord be praised! He has delivered us from slavery to sin and promises to be with us always. May the Lord be magnified! Let us rejoice, for God loves us, has mercy on us, and gives us grace. May the Lord be exalted!

Constant worship clears the debris from our hearts. Praise is the cleansing element that flushes the trash of worry and anxiety.

Max Lucado “Help is Here”

The Lord has given us much to rejoice over and be glad about. Let us remember; to joyfully thank and praise the Lord for all He has done, is doing, and will do. ⁂

Do you take time to focus on the goodness of God and rejoice?

Prayer; Our Heavenly Father, God of grace, mercy, and salvation, we praise You! We exalt you, Lord, and thank you for your mercy, care, and protection. Teach us to be happy and rejoice; in your promises. May the Lord be magnified! As the flowers of the orchid are colorful and spread joy, let us rejoice and declare that the Lord be praised! In Jesus’ holy name. Amen


4 thoughts on “May the Lord be Praised-Psalm 40:16

    1. Focusing on God’s blessings rather than our concerns brings joy and praising Him lightens our load. It’s good to hear from you Matt. 😊🌺


  1. What a timely verse for me to reflect on. On Sunday, our sermon was all about praise and worship based on Psalm 100. One of the points was that worship is our weapon when we do not necessarily feel joyful and I see your post today reaffirming those very thoughts on praising God.
    God bless you Jeanne πŸ’™πŸ’

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    1. Hi Manu, glad the verse was timely for you, it was for me too. I agree praise songs, worship, and prayer are good weapons to help us refocus on what is really important. When the world is full of negativity, praise and worship do encourage feelings of joy and peace. It is always good to hear from you! Have a joy-filled week! πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹πŸŒΊ

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