Children of God: 1 John 3:1

3 See what amazing love the Father has given us! Because of it, we are called children of God. And that’s what we really are! The world doesn’t know us because it didn’t know him.

1 John 3:1 (NIRV)

What amazing love God our Father has given us. His love for us is unconditional, forgiving, compassionate, and patient. In the completeness of His love and care, He has called us children of God. As children of God, we walk in faith and exhibit our likeness to God by showing His love to others. We were ransomed by Jesus, saved by His blood. The world does not know us because it never knew or accepted Christ or God’s word.

How do we show the world that we are children of God?

Prayer: Our loving Father, we thank You for your forgiveness and grace. We are blessed to be known as children of God, loved by our Heavenly Father. Teach us to walk in faith, live in hope, and follow Your path for us. Let us love one another and share Your compassion. Like the brightly “robed” open blossoms of the lilies, let us be robed in Your truth and open-hearted to others. In Jesus’ holy and loving name. Amen

I believe in the power of prayer. If you would like prayer, I would be glad to pray for you. Leave a comment or message me on the contact page. 🌺

9 thoughts on “Children of God: 1 John 3:1

  1. What a blessing and a privilege to be called children of God.
    We can show the world that we are His by extending His love, grace, kindness and forgiveness to others never forgetting the reason to mention ‘why’ we do any of it.
    Blessings Jeanne 😊.

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  2. Amen. Yes, I really love that “living in hope” part. God has definitely lead my blog in that direction. With His guidance and help I am hoping to keep reflecting that hope as I walk by faith and He makes my path straight. Have a REALLY hope filled weekend with lots of trees and flowers. 😊

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    1. Hi Tina, I agree listening to God and reading His word teaches us to walk in faith and live in hope. Your poetry and blog posts do reflect hope and joy and keep me smiling. May your weekend picture-perfect, and your days be filled with hope and joy. 🦋🌸🌼

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